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Noble Medals is the preferred challenge coin maker for Military challenge coins, business and corporate coins and personal custom coins.

We will make your coins perfect and stunning, regardless of their purpose - be it personal, professional or anything else in-between. With a vast amount of options available, your coins will be an expression of your creativity, your affiliation and your passion; we will make sure that you can take pride in your coins!  Contact Us for a Free Quote today!

 High Quality, NOT High Prices

Our team here at Noble Medals doesn't believe that you should have to over-pay to get a quality product.  We agree that you should be able to get military-quality challenge coins without paying high, retail prices.  As a challenge coin maker, we're hoping to win you as a customer for the long haul, not just a quick sale.  We feel that the best way to do that is to get you the best product for your money, the best price for your coins and the best service to deliver both of these things to you.

Quality Challenge Coins - Our First Priority!

As your preferred challenge coin maker, we know that the most important factor in the production of your challenge coins is quality.  You want the best product for your money, and at the most reasonable price.  Your coins represent you, your identity and your history - subpar quality simply will not do.  We believe that your coins should be good enough for you to give to the most important people in your life, and to do so with the utmost sense of pride.

Custom, Courteous Service

We understand that different people have different needs from customer service - some need a little less help, some need a little more.  The best way to provide that is to tailor your particular ordering process to you and your situation.  If you know exactly what you want and need very little input, that's great - we'll handle the necessities for you and provide you with the important stuff.  If you're new to ordering challenge coins and aren't sure where to begin, that's no problem - we will help you determine the best options for your coins and offer as much guidance and assistance as you'd like - we're here to help you!