Noble Medals Challenge Coins

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Welcome to Noble Medals Challenge Coins, your best choice for making challenge coins, custom coins and medals. Noble Medals is dedicated to ensuring that your custom coins are of the highest quality and your challenge coins are always Military-grade. We take pride in making military challenge coins & custom coins for the:

We’re Also Proud To Make Challenge Coins For:

Challenge Coins have had an impact within the US Military since the First World War, denoting honor and commending valor and bravery throughout history. More recently, our firefighters and law enforcement officers are being recognized for their courage and dedication to public safety, also! There are few ways of acknowledging and celebrating someone’s service as effectively as a personalized, custom coin.

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Custom coins have become a staple for a growing number of others, also…non-profits, businesses, schools and several other organizations are seeing a surge in the presentation of these unique mementos for special events, significant dates and as prestigious awards. We make coins for all occasions. There really is no limit!

Free Quote

If you would like to get a free quote on your coin idea, simply click HERE or send us your images, specs, etc. at: We’ll give you the breakdown on the total costs to make coins of your own design. No hidden charges or unexpected fees to worry about; we’ll provide you with the total UP-FRONT.

Free Artwork

After confirming the price, we will begin a production graphic based on your design…at NO COST to you. We’ll get your feedback on the graphic until it best reflects your vision for the coin, making revisions to ensure that your coins turn out perfectly!