Custom Challenge Coins

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Custom Challenge Coins

Customized challenge coins are arguably the most sentimental mementos that a man or woman can have as a keepsake. Noble Medals is a custom challenge coin maker that takes pride in offering clients high quality commemorative coins, medals and more. We believe those who have accomplished something great deserve a lasting award of achievement.

Customizing Options

There really is very little we can’t do to make sure that the personalized coins you order fit your concept and needs perfectly. Some services and options that we offer include:

  • Custom shaped coins: A special occasion often calls for specially shaped coins. We can deviate from the traditional round coin to offer any number of creative shape options.
  • Plating variety: Our custom challenge coins come in a variety of plating options such as bronze, nickel, gold, silver, brass and copper. We can also customize your plating to fit your specific idea.
  • Graphic design: Our talented graphic design artists are available to help make your vision a reality. We’ll listen to your ideas and make them come alive on your coin.
  • Laser serialization: This is a perfect option for both limited-run coins AND ongoing-issued coins.  It lends an element of uniqueness to every single coin and its recipient.  Also, if you run a business that is interested in creating a collectors coin, we can help by adding serial numbers for authenticity and collectors’ verification.
  • Epoxy coat:  An elegant, smooth and clear seal that protects the coin’s features and creates a smooth surface.  This ensures a long life for your custom challenge coins!
  • 3D Features:  When a coin’s feature is raised up beyond the height of its edges, this is considered 3D.  You might notice this to be a preferred style in coins with vehicles, buildings and people…this allows a greater range of detail in the layout.
  • Colored Enamel:  A durable method of adding color to your coins.  Perfect for flags, banners, crests and seals.

The Noble Medals difference

As a professional custom coin provider, we understand that the coins we craft will make all the difference to those who receive them. For this reason, we put time and effort into every project. We won’t put our name on any product that doesn’t meet our stringent standards. We accept nothing less than the best for our clients.

Getting A Quote On Your Custom Coin Design

Learning how to make coins with us and determine how much your custom challenge coins will cost is pretty simple. Just e-mail us the pertinent information involved with your project — quantity, artwork, size, finish, features, description, etc — and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. It doesn’t cost you anything to get an accurate quote on your project.  Alternately, send us a quote form with the basic information on your coin design and we’ll get in touch with you.

We look forward to working with you on your coins!