Custom Coins

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Noble Medals can help you make your custom coins unique and original.

With all of the distinct options available, your custom coins will be perfectly suited to your needs and will make a lasting impression.  Whether you need a special size, shape, color, style or display effect, we can provide the necessary features.  Some of these options include:

  • Coin Size(diameter): Your coins can be between 1.5″ and 3″.(Custom coin sizes available on request)
  • Thickness: Sometimes, a thicker or thinner coin is preferred.  Some coin shapes might require a specific thickness for durability or stability. We can advise on this for you!
  • 2D Features: These usually have two levels.  Recessed areas are available to contain color and raised areas are to separate sections. (Ideal for coins with multiple colors and wording.)
  • 3D Features: Do you need your custom coins to “Pop”?  3D coins are multi-leveled, and emerge from the coin’s natural height.  This style is Ideal for busts, buildings and vehicles.
  • Finish/Plating: We have a wide selection of available finishes to make your coins perfect!
  • Color/Colors: If you have a flag, logo or picture that benefits from color, we have thousands available to perfect your custom coins.
  • Photo-print: If your coin requires the highest level of detail available, we can print your desired image onto every single coin.
  • Epoxy Coating: A longtime favorite, epoxy provides a smooth, clear coating that encases your custom coins in a transparent, protective layer.

Get Started on your Custom Coins Now!

Contact us and we will thoroughly examine your custom coin design, providing you with the pricing range for your preferred coin options. After reviewing the options and deciding what works best for you and your budget, we will begin to draw up a production graphic of your coin to review with you, to ensure a complete and mutual understanding of the design of your custom coins. This is also the perfect time to fine-tune your design and the features of your choice!