Coin Options

Making custom coins comes with a plethora of options.  Noble Medals offers multiple features and styles to make your coins unique!  Some of these features include:

Custom Cut Edges

Custom edges are an exclusive method of bringing your coins to life! Choose from cut edges such as: swirl cut, petal cut, flat wave cut, curve wave, cross cut and more. (available in round-shape coins, only)

noblemedals-challengecoins-swirl_imag   SWIRL CUT            challenge-coin-edge CURVE WAVE CUT

noblemedals-challengecoins-swirl_imag2     SCALLOP CUT           challenge-coin-edge   CROSS CUT

noblemedals-challengecoins-swirl_imag3     FLAT WAVE CUT      noble-medals-smoothedge-coin      SMOOTH CUT



Cut-outs are the areas removed from a coin to further accent its shape or design.  They can be anything from a simply-placed hole to make the coin wearable, to a complex, intricate design, providing a greater level of detail to the coins.

       USMC-challenge-coin      Ritz-Carlton          custom-challenge-coin


3D Features

For those challenge coin designs that really need to “pop”, 3D is a must-have.  These coins have raised metal features that generally extend beyond the height of the coin’s edges.  Great for vehicles, buildings and likenesses.

ussstark-navy-challenge-coin          3d-challenge-coin                  Stallions           3D-Gold-challenge-coin


2D Features with Colored Enamel

Probably the most frequently chosen coin style is the 2D with colored enamel.  This is a great choice for coins that feature flags, ranks, logos, etc.  This style has only the edges of the features raised, so enamel can be added to fill the areas with colors.

missile-defense-challenge-coins          custom-coins          afghanistan-challenge-coins     veterans-coin          custom-challenge-coin


When a great deal of detail is needed, photo-printing is the way to go.  Since it doesn’t rely on raised metal or available space as much, the smallest details are easily captured.(requires a clear picture for printing)

challenge-coin-defense-court               military-challenge-coin-iraq               noblemedals navy-marine- challenge coin               marine-challenge-coin               Grave-Diggers

We also offer serialization, epoxy coating, custom shapes and more!

There are additional fees for epoxy, 3D Features, Dual-Plating, Photo Printing or Cut-outs. Instead of charging you a flat fee, we want to work with you to determine what’s best for your needs and your budget.
Fill out a quote form or contact us for more details!

We ship USPS Priority. We ship to anywhere in the world including APO/FPO/DPO!
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Estimated Domestic Shipping time is 2-5 days depending on shipping locations.
Estimated International Shipping (including APO/FPO/DPO) is 5-21 days.