Air Force Challenge Coins

Welcome to Noble Medals, where we have built a strong reputation for producing beautiful, eye-catching Air Force challenge coins, among an extensive history of other coins and medals.

There is certainly no shortage of retailers that make custom Air Force coins, but how do you know which of them offers the highest quality product at the most reasonable price? There are a number of fly-by-night retailers that simply want to make a quick buck.

At Noble Medals, we make quality Air Force challenge coins, and our work speaks for itself.

  • One-of-a-kind coins: These are not coins you can just buy over the counter. Every element of our coins is customizable, from the metal plating to the decorative edging. This gives our challenge coins a personal touch that any service member would come to cherish.
  • Great customer service: Ordering a custom made challenge coin is possibly not something you have done often, which is why our team can walk you through the process and even provide you with an accurate quote of what your coins might cost at each stage of design — no surprises in pricing! Our graphic designers also help make your vision a reality.
  • Hard work for brave men and women: We make custom Air Force coins and want to do our part in thanking the proud men and women who selflessly defend this country. We put true passion into our work so that each coin that goes out our doors is a special one.

Any past or present member of the Air Force would appreciate a tangible token of their service that they can display proudly, share with service members or give to family and friends. Our coins help them remember their years of service and their fellow brothers and sisters in arms.

Do you have an idea for your Air Force challenge coins? Bring your ideas to the friendly staff here at Noble Medals and we can help make something great for you.