How To Order Challenge Coins

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How To Order Challenge Coins With Noble Medals

So, you’ve found a challenge coin company to help you make your own challenge coins – what’s next?

Ordering challenge coins with us is easy.  If you haven’t yet, contact us and let us know what you’re looking for…it’s no problem if you haven’t decided all the details, yet…we’re here to help you with that!  Just tell us if you’re considering one coin or one-hundred coins, small, standard or large coins, brass, gold, silver, etc…we’ll help you figure out which styles and details work best for your needs!

Not sure of what you want?  Not a problem.

In many cases, the process of ordering challenge coins is fluid and rarely “set in stone”.  As we help you sharpen your design and realize your challenge coin concept, details become clearer.  As a result, you might sometimes determine that design changes will make your coins better.   At Noble Medals, we understand this and are happy to accommodate and even offer input to help you make your perfect coin.  We’re happy to show you samples of features that you’re considering to help you make informed decisions.

Have a design or picture already?

Great – this can save some time in the design process.  Send us your design and let us know how many you’re looking for, and we’ll work with your concept!  We’ll let you know if there are options available that might enhance your design or even save you money.

Like the price?(we’re pretty sure you will!)  What’s next?

Easy, let’s get started!  We’ll draw up some production artwork to show you colors, features and levels.  Once completed, we’ll send it over to you for review.  If you’d like to make some changes, that’s fine – this is the stage where we do that!  With the artwork for reference, you can see your layout and determine if changes are needed or not.  Just let us know your thoughts on it, and if you’d like changes made, tell us what needs adjusting – we’ll update the artwork with your changes and keep you informed of any price changes that might occur as a result.  We’ll do this until it’s perfect.

The Artwork is perfect – what’s next?

Once the artwork reflects your concept, we are nearly finished!  We’ll just confirm all the details with you, including shipping details(so you get your coins!) and payment preferences, and get started.  Now comes the hard part…the anticipation of receiving your coins while we’re making them for you.  It takes approximately three weeks to make most orders, which includes painting, plating and quality inspection.  After these steps, your coins are ready to ship!

Love your coins and want some more?(we’re pretty sure you will)

This is easy, too.  Just drop us a line requesting the number of coins you’d like to make and the address to send them to and your sales rep will confirm the details with you and get them started.  It’s really that simple!

Don’t worry about hidden costs or surprise expenses…we don’t do business like that.

Noble Medals doesn’t believe in trapping customers into hidden costs.  You will be informed of any and all price changes before your coins are made.  We’ll give you the final price for everything and won’t make a move until you approve it.

Easy, right?  Let’s get started!