Noble Medals – A Challenge Coin Company


A Challenge Coin Company for all your needs

Noble Medals is a challenge coin company designed to help you make your ideal challenge coins.  We offer several finishes, sizes and features, like soft enamel, imit. hard enamel, 3D, epoxy, lasering and more.  Nearly everything you’ll need to make the challenge coin of your dreams!  We also offer free artwork for your order; this will help to get your design perfect without racking up artwork fees when fine-tuning your design.  Few artwork designs are perfect the first time around.  Most can benefit from additional tweaking, which might not be obvious before getting the graphic started.  We want your design to be perfect WITHOUT breaking the bank!


A Challenge Coin Company to support your concept

As customization goes, there is no limit as to how unique your concept can be.  We can make your coins 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ and several sizes between – it’s up to you!  Also, we fully support the idea of making custom shaped coins; Do you want your coins in the shape of a logo, flag, rank, vehicle, building, etc?  No problem!  We can work with you on these, too!  Dog tag shapes are not a problem.  Cut-outs are not a problem.  Absolutely unique shapes are not a problem.  We can make your custom shape idea a reality!


A Challenge Coin Company to deliver top-notch, quality coins.

We don’t skimp on quality – there are enough companies out there to sell you the more “disposable” types of coins that won’t last.  We focus on making your concept at the utmost level of quality.  You can expect a top-notch coin that fits your needs, your ideas and your budget.  Our Quality Dept. oversees every coin before they’re shipped out to you!