Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins – A Longstanding Tradition

Challenge coins have been around in various forms for many years.  Official dating links back to the First World War, but many students of numismatics have uncovered indications of types of challenge coins dating back much farther.  Whether looking back to WW1 or ancient Rome, you will find that special coins were made to celebrate certain events, people, groups and military heroes.

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So, Why Are Challenge Coins Used Today?

Many traditions in Government, Military, Sports/Athletics, Academic Achievements and more, have implicated forms of Challenge Coins into their routines.  Challenge Coins are great for:

  • Accomplishments in leadership
  • Success in special operations or projects
  • Exceptional performance
  • Dedicated service
  • Corporate Events
  • Personal promotion
  • ….and much more.  Nearly anything can be improved with the use of Challenge Coins

What Options Do I Have For Challenge Coins?

  • Quantity – we offer a “no minimum required” policy so you aren’t required to buy a certain quota just to order your Challenge Coins.
  • Size – we offer several different sizes.  1″ to 4 or 5″ is achievable.
  • Finish – We have multiple finishes available for your Challenge Coins; Brass, Gold, Silver, Nickel and more.
  • Custom Shapes – Have an idea for a coin that is NOT round?  No problem – we can generally make your Challenge Coins in any shape conceivable; your imagination is the only limit!
  • Photographic Images – We can immortalize your picture or designs with high levels of details…sometimes paint/enamel just isn’t capable of getting those intricate image details.
  • 3D features – nothing makes your coin “pop” like a 3D face, vehicle, weapon, statue or monument…this is the best way to bring those features to the foreground.
  • 2D with color – perfect for coin designs that have many colors, like flags, logos, patches or more!

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